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Civil Law



Civil Law is the body of laws concerned with the different private relationships between people. It is made up of the regulations that define personal and proprietary relationships between individuals.

    Civil law, civilian law, or Roman law is a legal system originating in Europe, intellectualized within the framework of late Roman law, and whose most prevalent feature is that its core principles are codified into a referable system which serves as the primary source of law. This can be contrasted with common law systems whose intellectual framework comes from judge-made decisional law which gives precedential authority to prior court decisions on the principle that it is unfair to treat similar facts differently on different occasions (doctrine of judicial precedent, or stare decisis).

    Historically, a civil law is the group of legal ideas and systems ultimately derived from the Corpus Juris Civilis, but heavily overlaid by Napoleonic, Germanic, canonical, feudal, and local practices, as well as doctrinal strains such as natural law, codification, and legal positivism.

    Conceptually, civil law proceeds from abstractions, formulates general principles, and distinguishes substantive rules from procedural rules. It holds case law to be secondary and subordinate to statutory law. When discussing civil law, one should keep in mind the conceptual difference between a statute and a codal article. The marked feature of civilian systems is that they use codes with brief text that tend to avoid factually specific scenarios. Code articles deal in generalities and thus stand at odds with statutory schemes which are often very long and very detailed.

    Horizontal property is a special property that is built on floors or premises susceptible of independent use. In such cases, the owner has an exclusive right over them and a right of co-ownership over elements of the property that are necessary for the proper use and enjoyment of said premises. A way of simplify this concept would be to say that it would be all the Rights that surrounds the communities of owners.

    A contract is a legal agreement expressed jointly by two or more persons with capacity (parts of the contract) enough to act as said parts, who are bound by virtue of it, regulating their relations relative to a certain purpose or thing, and whose fulfillment may be reciprocally compelled if the contract is bilateral, or one party compels the other if the contract is unilateral. The contract, in short, is an agreement of wills that generates “relative rights and obligations”; that is, only for the contracting parties and their successors.

    Consumer Law is the name given to the set of rules issued by public authorities intended to protect the consumer or user in the market of goods and services, granting and regulating certain rights and obligations.

    The right of succession or inheritance law is the part of private law that governs the succession mortis causa and determines the fate of the entitlements and legal relationships (both active and passive) of a person after his death.

    In the regulation of successions, important aspects are contemplated, such as:

    • The destination that will be given to the deceased or decedent’s property. It determines the scope of action of the autonomy of the will, the mandatory rules that are necessary and the dispositive rules that will replace the will of the deceased, in the absence of a testament
    • Requirements of validity of the will, in order to ensure that what appears in it, it is really the will of the testator.
    • The necessary procedures for the distribution of the relict flow (hereditary assets).

    Execution of guarantees and insurance of amounts delivered for construction of housing, both private promotions, cooperatives or any other type of promotion, etc … One of the great achievements of this office is to recover the amounts delivered in cases such as that of the promoter AIFOS, all thanks to the well-known Law 57/1968.

Banking Law



We are specialists in all types of complex or non-complex banking investment products, such as subordinated bonds, participating preferred stock, swaps, multi-currency mortgages, investment funds. If you have invested your money, following your banking entity’s recommendations and have not received the results that have been promised to you, there are laws that protect you as a consumer. It is possible for you to recover your full initial investment, even when it has been previously cancelled. We are experts in reclaiming the invalidity of abusive clauses in loans, such as mortgage floor rates, late payment interest clauses, closure cost clauses or early termination clauses. We can oppose and paralyse these procedures even while your mortgage is still active.

Business Law



Wihin the legal field, Business Law is without a doubt one of the most complex and developed systems due to the importance this type of activity has in our society. Business Law can be defined as a body of rules that have been established in order to ensure the correct functioning of business activities both on regional/local levels as well as on an international scale. Although each region may have established its own rules in order to meet its own needs, Business Law enforces the standards that should be respected everywhere. One of the main goals of this facet of the Law is to ensure that all business activities are developed within the framework of stability, security and trust. The aim is to allow business activities to thrive by giving its participants the safest space possible. Thus, Business Law is made up of the laws and regulations that establish the characteristics of elements such as contracts, taxes, treasury, exchanges, profits and benefits, etc.

Business Law, or Commercial Law is the branch of Private Law that regulates the body of rules pertaining businesspeople in their work, the commercial activities that may legally qualify as such, as well as the legal relations that arise from their development. Broadly speaking, Business Law is the branch of Law that regulates the commercial activities practiced by the numerous economic operators within the market.

Derecho Penal



We work with all kinds of criminal procedures, both as defense as well as prosecution, defending your rights and interests, we can help you in the following cases:

Criminal Law specialities

  • Crimes against individuals: injury, homicide
  • Economic crimes: fraud, fiscal crimes/li>
  • Crimes against personal posessions: theft, insolvency, damages, etc.

Real Estate Law



  • Buying and selling of rural and urban properties.
  • Leasing of rural and urban properties.
  • Constitution of rights to properties.
  • Declaration of new works.
  • Property Registration.
  • Claims due to building defects.
  • Construction contracts and service hiring.

Family Law



Our lawyers are experts in all types of procedures pertaining Family Law (divorce, separation, annulments, definitive measure modifications, custody for non-marital children, alimony disputes, etc.)

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